Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rob's day out racing

The Fiat racing club closed Sainsbury Road in Pirongia for the day.  A perfect road for a hill climb with straights many twisty turns!

My Friend Christine even had a go with Blair at the wheel!  She loved it.

Rob in his Fiat Tipo.  
Christine and I Cheered the boys on!

Blair and his Fiat Uno.

Coming back down the hill after the racing.
One poor driver didn't quite make it and was saved a nasty roll down the bank by a piece of good old number 8 wire.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The old and the New

One of the challenges Chantell and I had recently was to use our oldest and newest stamps to make 3 cards and this is what we came up with.

Chantell rotated a corner stamp to make this cool design.  The photo doesn't do it justice as it sparkled with glitter too.

I wanted to use a card design I hadn't tried before.  This extendable insert was fun to make.

I Brought this thank you stamp about 15 years ago and was one of the first I purchased.

Summer is here!

So Now that summer is here we get to enjoy all the fresh fruit!  I love strawberries and got a big surprise when I opened a punnet recently to find the biggest strawberry I think I have ever seen.  It was sweet and juicy too!

Flowers are out so I've planted some pretty flowers to grow at the end of the drive.

Here is Ayla and I with my beautiful lilies.(Almost taken out by ravenous snails!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Card swap with Chantell


This was the first colour challenge I had ever done.  Chantell and I threw around a few colour ideas and came up with this.  We used colours from the SU range of corse. 

Real red (my favorite)
Night of navy
Handsome hunter 
Bashful blue

This one of Chantell's had a pop up centre as well.  I love the red brads!
Chantell always amazes me with her creativity!
I wanted to do something really different to what I had done before.  That is why I did this patch work card.  I like quilting although I don't do as much of it as I should.  

I loved these colours and would never have thought to put them all together.

Friday, September 5, 2008

NAMC Race weekend 2008

NORTH ALASKAN MALAMUTE CLUB     Race weekend Rotorua 

A bunch of us got together to race dogs for the weekend.  Rob, Ayla (our dog) and I went to lend a hand.  It was great to get out of the city into the great outdoors, and get together with friends.  Rob and I had a great time and I think the dogs did too.

Here are some photos of the weekend sorry some of them are a bit small.

I lend a hand with two very keen dogs at the start line.

A late night poker game!

There is a bit of time for some relaxation so Rob, Matt, Becky and I went to the Polynesian pools for a hot swim.

Matt and Astro 

Mat, Astro and Roxy at the finish line

Our girl Ayla watches on as the dogs come home.

Becky finds a comfortable seat while she waits.

The time keepers Rob, Sonja and Becky.
Two best friends relax.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My girls and me

The moot is somewhat aloof generally and often doesn't even particularly like being petted. For her to jump on the bed and have a snuggle is almost unheard of, so a photo of the occasion was necessary!! Of course, the cat just couldn't handle being left out, and jumped up to join the party!

Card swap with Chantell

Each month my sister Chantell (living in perth)and I swap cards.  We choose a theme for each card swap and see what we come up with. This Junes theme was suspension cards.  This is where an image is suspended with dental floss and is able to be rotated.  Our cards were very different so quite exciting to see.  Chantell must have been feeling patriotic when she was thinking up her ideas , with this cool Kiwi card.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

stamphappy class 2008

A surprise pull up card.  I did this card years ago so it was
nice to try something new with an old idea.  Once again we
used my favorite stamp set unfrogetable.

I love the contrast of the pale and the bright.  It gives this
card punch!  Thanks again Jaque for a great night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cinderella goes to the ball

Me in my new white dress.

Ok I may not be Cinderella but I did go to the ball.  The enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing was rekindled for me this year after hearing an add on the radio for the Knox Scottish Country Dance Club.  I was pleased to find the basic dancing skill were still there. 
Mum helped me sew a white dress, (traditional formal dress for women) and I ordered a sash of the family tartan from Scotland. 
Off to the ball I went!
I had a wonderful time and danced almost non stop for four hours!  For those of you who know nothing about this type of dancing it's like a gym workout with a personal trainer.  To prove that, for the next few days my legs were protesting every time I had to walk down stairs .

Goodbye to a fluffy friend


Sadly Tinker (Tinkies) my cat was sent quietly to cat heaven.  I will miss my fluffy friend.  Her last day was spent just how it should be basking in the warm sunshine.

Stamphappy class 17th March 2008


We enjoyed making two very different cards with the same stamp set.  I love the colours we used.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter!

Card class

I really enjoyed these easter projects.  The bunny card was my favorite technique using versamark, glitter and embossing powder.
This is a great gift for kids who love to cook.  

Easter fun with friends!

Over Easter my friends Doug and Janine and their children (my God Children) came to visit.  We had a wonderful time and spent the whole day at M.O.T.A.T.  The kids are growing up so fast so it was great to spend some time with them.

Here we are looking in one of the old trams.  We enjoyed a tram rid too.
Remember these police cars!  Flash ay.

Nicolas drives the big steam engine while Jared (sitting) Matthew Me and Tegan look on.

Animals are so helpful


Ayla helped me trim a tree by stopping all the clippings from being blown away (even though there was no wind).  It was a hot day and the clippings were nice and cool.


Puke fancies herself as a dress maker and was making it very clear that this was not the piece of pattern I should use.  (Why do cats always have to sit on the piece of paper your reading?)

Friday, March 21, 2008

A visit from Scotland

Having lunch at sky tower

My friend Carol came from Scotland for a holiday and I was lucky enough to spend the day with her.  Wanting to show her Auckland as well as gas bag, lunch up the sky tower seemed like the perfect treat.  We had a wonderful day, it didn't feel like 9 years since we had seen each other. Wow how time flies!  Carol was then off to Hamilton and to continue with friends on a tour of the south island.  

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy birthday Taylor

Taylor turned two today!! 
Mum made him a great cake and the family gathered around to watch him blow out his candles.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stamphappy class 20th February 2008


Once again a fun project using great use of colour and accessories.  I would have never thought of using little pegs like this.  In fact I just threw a heap out the other day when I had a big clean our of all my stamping stuff!!