Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our trip to Melbourne

Melbourne at night is full of life. Steve and Andrea took us out for a walk around.

We stopped in south bank for some yummy Ice cream.
Rob and Steve enjoying the city lights.
Street art.
The trams in the central city area are a fantastic way to get around.
We spent a little bit of time in Victoria markets.
Rob stands by an Italian Deli with pasta galore. I had never seen so many different types of pasta.
A meat Deli, yes you to can eat Kangaroo!
We went to a camera museum where Rob found a camera just like the first one he owned.
The old architecture in Melbourne is beautiful.

Streets can be very busy.
This is monkee Steve and Andrea's cool cat.
Andrea took me to South Melbourne Markets. The deli's were amazing.
Andrea in a cheese cool store.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday cards for boys and girls

My little friend Taylor turned 4 recently. I made this fun wiper card for him. I love this pop up design.
I work with Opal who's granddaughter also had a birthday. To celebrate they had a great trip to the zoo. opal asked me to make a scrap book page and a card to celebrate the day.

Don't you just love All in the family stamp set.
Opal loved it so much she framed it!

Rob rides at Hampton Down raceway

March the 12 was California Super Bike School day. Rob spent the day at Hampton Downs raceway (south of Auckland) learning and perfecting the techniques for cornering. This is the first of four lessons. He had a great day and is looking forward to the next one.
Just some of the bikes. Rob's bike is #10.
Perfecting his cornering.

Coming in to the pits.