Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marsh settles in.

Hi everyone my name is Marsh. My humans Rob and Nadine are providing me with my every need. They don't do to bad a job I must say.

I can surf the net when ever I like.

I love to explore. When ever a human opens a door I have to have a look inside.

I love playing in my new cardboard box.

I love the new Stampin' up catalogue, here I am keeping it safe for my human.

And I guard the bourbon too.

Then it's time for some R'n'R.
My big sister and I are great mates.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Midwifery Conference Rotorua

This weekend some friends and I attended the New Zealand College of Midwives conference in Rotorua.

Here we all are from front Niki, Clare, Suzie, Linda and Me.
We had a traditional Maori welcome.

The men's Haka was very powerful.
Early one morning Suzie and I went for a walk along Lake Tarawera.
So quiet and peaceful.

After a day of information overload Tina Turner helped us unwind.
Saturday nights dinner at the Blue bathes. Everything looked so beautiful.
Before dinner we had some fun synchronized swimmers.

We had a great time
On our way home we took time to take in the beauty.
Then it was time for a little fun and relaxation at the Polynesian Spa
A great conference and a great time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy fathers day!

Man cards are sometimes hard to make but this fathers day I had no trouble deciding what to do. My wonderful dad has an avocado orchid and has just brought a bright orange tractor he's very proud of. So what better than to make a card of his tractor!

Here I am having a ride on the new tractor.