Sunday, March 8, 2009

For Amy

I know my friend Amy loves posting sun sets so these are for you.
Taken from the front of my sisters house in Perth

Watch the sun go down.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Other fun stuff with Sarah

Sarah and I spent a lot of time together. Keeping up with a 2 year old is hard work!

Sarah loves painting, or drawing. Most of it ends up on her or you if your not careful!

Fun in the sun
She likes to put on my bra.

Every night we had story time in bed.

Sarah thought using the water sculpture in the garden would be a great way of watering the plants. However spitting the water onto the plants wasn't quite what her mother had in mind.
Groovy kid
We also had fun at bath time. Sometimes I got a bit wet too.

Why open the door when you can crawl through the one at the bottom.

A great day at the beach.

As most of you know Perth has some great beaches, so what better way to spend the day than in the sun having fun.

Chantell and I Sarah is hiding under the towel.
The water was so warm. Sarah loves to swim. The water had great visibility and we could see little fish swimming around us.

We made sand castles.
Sarah likes to pat it down with her foot. Now that's multi tasking.
What a great swim we had.
There was always some activity on or around the water to keep us entertained.
Yes again another great day out!

Wow a gift every day!!

Wow I couldn't believe it, every day I was on holiday at Chantell's she gave me a gift (thats 14 days!!).It was so exciting wondering what it was I was going to get. Almost all the gifts were stamping up product or something made with Stamping up. Look at all my stash. Thank you so much Chantell your awesome!

Chantell is so talented she has a real eye for colour!

We spent a great deal of time stamping, I realy miss her help with ideas.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Survived a shark encounter!

Chantell took me to AQWA, Aquarium of Western Australia, where we discovered the incredible and unique marine life of Western Australia.

Chantell inside the tunnel, look at the huge stingray. Everything looks 1/3 smaller through the glass!

They had shallow rock pools to look at. See the big fish looking back at Chantell?

Being a fish lover (looking not eating) it was great to see some of the local aquatic life.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dive with sharks and turtles so I took the plunge!
I was a little nervous the night before but it wasn't until I saw the shark and all it's teeth that I was beginning to wonder what I was doing.
I'm going to be in there soon!
After signing a waver ( if the shark eats you it's not your fault) the dive master took us out the back to explain it was a good idea not to aggravate the sharks.

Here I come.

Let me out! Let me out!

I just saw a shark.

Here he comes.

Woh that stingray is huge.

A baby turtle looks just like the one on finding nemo. So cute.

Brian the dive master.

AQWA had a wonderful selection of exhibits.

One of the fun exhibits was the touch and feel tank. The fish, little stingray, starfish are able to be patted. They even come up to the surface to let you touch them.

A Lion fish or grumpy rock as we call it.

No it's not a plant it's a sea dragon.

Moray eel.
Clown fish

What a great day!