Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Congratulations Vanessa and Aaron.

We had a great time at Vanessa and Aaron's wedding. Although the weather was to be very wet the clouds parted and the rain stopped just in time.
Sophie was a stunning bridesmaid.
Here comes the bride. Doesn't she look beautiful.

Mr and Mrs Hunter

The three of us having a great time.

The boys get down with a little air guitar.

Rob and I at nights end.

Here's the card I made.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our first Stampin Up stamps!

Chantell and I decided to do a card swap using the very first SU stamp set have owned. I was given Canine Capers (now retired) as a gift.

Having a dog running around the house I often get muddy paw prints on the floor (not to mention cat paws). So I thought I would put muddy prints on a trendy trees card with the cheeky culprit peeking around the corner. Hope you like it.

I mixed up a few ideas from chantell to make this birthday card.

Chantell stamped on one sheet of card then cut it up to make several cards. Don't they look awesome!

Thanks Chantell!!


Wet weather during the school holidays can be such a bore but it's the perfect weather for card making! We had a wonderful time with another kids class.

Here they are with their first finished card.

The kids all put their personality into their frogs. Each with a yummy chocolate inside.

They looked so good you just wanted to lick one!