Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wingspan Birds of Prey trust

Last week was my birthday so to celebrate mum and I went to Rotorua for lunch and then on to Wingspan Birds of Prey trust. Wingspan care for sick, injured and orphaned raptors. These beautiful birds need our help to ensure there survival. We got to meet two beautiful falcons.

This is beautiful Ozzy.
Ozzy is trained to chase and hold on to prey using this lure. He wont let it go until he has eaten all the meat attached to it.

I was lucky enough to hold Ruby.

This is the latest edition to Wingspan. An 8 day old falcon. He weighed just 22g when he emerged from the nest.
Being weighed now 150g!!
Yummy! Boy can this little guy eat!
A beautiful Australian barn own he has been given a home after losing a wing.
A little morepork owl. We often hear these owls call at night so it was great to see one up close.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas gift tags

This Christmas I was asked to make gift tags for the staff gift at work. With only a short time to make them I called on the help of the best stamper I know. My sister Chantell. She got busy and sent some gift tags to me from Perth Australia!!! Via my friend Wendy (thanks for your courier service Wendy).
Don't they look great!!

Then I got busy too and made some as well.

I think everyone loved their Christmas infused olive oil. Here they are all lined up.