Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Add Texture

I'm on holiday so I get to spend some quality time with my craft room.  We haven't seen each other for a while so I've been enjoying being a little creative again.
This week I can also join in the JAI Challenge, Just Add Texture.  I must admit I had so many ideas for this challenge but in the end I decided to go with a clean and simple look while using a media out of the pantry.

I Decided to add texture by using cup cake paper cups.
 I used mini cup cake papers with punches.  It's a bit fiddly getting the thin papers into the punch so I used a post it note to help slide them through.
I also added texture to the background by embossing the card.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wedding boxes

My lovely friend Linda Married her man Mack a few weeks ago.  

 I love hearing about peoples wedding plans and was excited when Linda asked me to help her with her table settings.

We came up with these little boxes.  Then we had to decided what to fill them with.  After many tasting sessions we came up with a yummy fudge.

Here are some of the 64 boxes of fudge I made.

Congratulations Mack and Linda!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Girls weekend away.

I Had a fantastic weekend away with the lovely ladies I work with.  It's great to get away from the city and laugh till your stomach hurts.  
Tigger ready for bed.

We ate so much! Many hands make yummy food!

With wild weather outside were warm and cozy inside.

Don't you just love a warm fire place.

Sunday the weather cleared long enough for some fresh air and a walk on the beach.  
The cold air refreshing after being stuck inside.
Emmanuelle enjoys the view.

I can't help but be a little silly.  Maybe it's the wind.

The them for dinner was Mid winter christmas.  I couldn't help myself and had to make some christmas boxes.  I printed the score for silent night on vanilla card and used a medium oval with circle cut outs for the holly.

Thanks lovely ladies I am truly blessed to call you friends.  Love you guys.

Happy Birthday Lions

Recently my mum's Lions club had a birthday.  They were having a dinner to celebrate so I made some sweet boxes for all the ladies.

The Lions club has done many wonderful things for the community so it was nice to give a little back to the people who give their time for others.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Rob

It was my partner Rob's birthday last week.  He is my biggest critic when it comes to my cards so I always want to make him something special.  For those of you who know the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you will understand the significance of turning 42 or at least the number 42.  

 While making the card I found myself humming "Good bye and thanks for all the fish".
 This is one of the characters Marvin who always makes us laugh.  I made a black silhouette then overlaid it with white pieces of card I had sponged to make the shadow and dimension.

If your in the mood for a completely senseless movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is fun.

My sister Chantell made this lovely card for Rob.  I just love the colours she has used.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Patting a Lion in Paradise!

This week Mum and I had a wonderful day at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park.
The park is a beautifully presented New Zealand trout, bird and wild life park, along with a pride of African lions.  While walking through the beautiful forrest you can feed the trout, take a tree top walk a pick out the native plants.  You can get up close to Kea for a little chat (but watch your hand bag around these clever parrots) and pat a possum.  

The animals are all very friendly, especially if you have something yummy for them to eat.
Mum feeding the trout. 

Then came the very exciting experience of going into the cage with a lion cub.  Thankfully they both had full tummies so it was nap time shortly after we arrived.

Starting to drop off to sleep this 6 month old boy still gets to feed from his mummy (thank goodness she was in another area).

These great big paws are surprisingly soft.

Mum and I spent quite a bit of time talking to the keeper.

Unlike the babies these adult lions were much more imposing.  It was hot so they were all just having a rest until the keeper arrived with lunch.