Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Congratulations Vanessa and Aaron.

We had a great time at Vanessa and Aaron's wedding. Although the weather was to be very wet the clouds parted and the rain stopped just in time.
Sophie was a stunning bridesmaid.
Here comes the bride. Doesn't she look beautiful.

Mr and Mrs Hunter

The three of us having a great time.

The boys get down with a little air guitar.

Rob and I at nights end.

Here's the card I made.


Chantell Randall said...

Cool....I didn't realise it was Vanessa's wedding. Please pass on my Congratulations to them. I love how her dress is all flowy round the bottom.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Great pictures and the wooden interiors of the venue look good. I’ll also be attending an old friend’s wedding next week. They have booked one of the event venues for the wedding that we recommended. It has great interiors and amazing lighting, perfect combination for some great wedding photos.