Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A tribute to an old friend

16 years ago I rescued a fluffy little kitten and named her Puke (pronounced Pookee). She was very frightened of people but not of our dog, and they became best friends. Soon she got used to us and turned out to be quite a character. She loved playing with water, was a great hunter and chased torch lights literally up the wall.
Puke became a cat for the whole family living with Rob and I and my sister Chantell and her family.
18 months age Puke started to look very thin and after a trip to the vet we were told she had only 2 weeks to live. We took her home knowing she was on borrowed time. The next thing we know she's proudly bring us the fruits of her hunting and continued to live happily.
Sadly last month puke passed away peacefully at home. Classy to the end.

A tribute to Puke
Chantell made this wonderful album for me. It has pull out photos with space on the back of each one for us to write about the cool things Puke did. Thanks so much Chantell I love it!

Puke loved to lounge around and show off her fluffy tummy.

She had a pink and white toy mouse she loved to play with. Here she is with my niece Sarah.

Just chillin'

I always loved her big whiskers.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh Puke! We will really miss her.