Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marsh update

Unlike a lot of my friends we don't have children. We are however great animal lovers and would have a zoo if we didn't live in the city. Our little kitten Marsh is now 6 months old and is no longer little. At 4 kg's he can only sit on my knee if a leg hangs off. Like most birmans he can be quite a naughty little boy. He is so playful and is always up for a game.

Marsh jumped out our second story window to explore. Then he couldn't work out how to get back inside (or didn't want to). Before I could get upstairs and wanting to get to his sister Ayla (our dog) he scared the heck out of me by jumping!

Two best friends Ayla and Marsh are together all the time. They love to sleep and play together. Marsh even hops in Ayla's kennel to sleep with her.

When I'm around the house marsh is often my shadow. He was helping me out in the garden the other day.

Poor Marsh! Off to the vet he went to have his little boy parts removed. I just had to post this photo of him. When we got home he sat on the cool floor for about 1/2 an hour. His poor little face seemed to say "What have they done to me mummy"!

Even though I'm not allowed on the bench I had to hop in mum's shopping bag.

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