Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Palmerston North.

For our second Christmas and actual Christmas day we went to Robs family in Palmerston North. The weather was hot and sunny most of the time and with the usual breeze that blows through the boys (Rob and Kris) had a great time flying their kites.

While Katie enjoys a trolly ride with Dad
We went down to the river for a swim. Katie wasn't so sure about putting her feet in the water but she soon got used to it and had a great time.
Sita and Kris
Katie loves to splash!
Tom Sawyer, don't cha think?
Rob and Ayla enjoyed the water too.

My girl and me.
Ayla's always happy to join in on a good howl!

Thanks Trevor, Sita, Kris and Katie for having us all at Christmas!

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