Sunday, March 1, 2009

Arrived in Perth

After a great flight I arrived in Perth. The heat hit me like a ton of bricked as I left the Airport.

The next day Chantell and Neil took me up to John Forrest National Park for lunch.

I had a taste of Aussie wild life with Kangaroos sunning themselves right next to our table.
A few locals flew in for lunch too!
Neil feeding the birds.

I'm enjoying spending time with my niece Sarah. Here we are drawing pictures together.

Sarah and her baby at the supermarket.

One recurrent theme of this holiday seems to be making cards.
Here is Chantell in her craft room. I call it the black hole cos every free second she has she seems to have been sucked into her room to card.
Chantell giving a card class at her home.
Carding around with some of Chantell's friends.
Me, Sarah, Jazz and Tracey

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A said...

oooooooooh! were these pictures taken with a deluxe new camera? hurray go take some pictures of flowers and sunsets and beaches so we can compare!